Ranking of Most Holidays


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Christmas is a popular holiday, but did it make No. 1 on Holden’s list?

I am taking on the task of ranking most Holidays. They will be ranked from worst to best, and there will be hyperlinks to more information about each holiday.

Number 13 Columbus Day

My two reasons behind this that one we don’t get school off, and number two he wasn’t the person to discover the United States nor was he the first to even take that route. There is some controversy over this holiday due to the fact that Columbus kind of started the transatlantic slave trade. Which is another reason it is in last place.

Number 12 Labor Day

It is the marks the end of summer nothing else to say here.

Number 11 Juneteenth National Independence Day

Alright, I just found out what this holiday was my ranking of this is solely the reasoning of I didn’t know that is was a thing. That is not to say that it isn’t important it is a very important holiday, and I urge you to read more about it.

Number 10 Presidents Day

I am pretty neutral from now on because we get off school for the rest of them but presidents day is just so boring and normal and I don’t really celebrate it.

Number 9 Memorial Day

This choice being lower is kind of a personal vendetta because I can never remember what day it is going to fall on so in that case it is lower, however we do get school off near the end of the year so that is one upside. It also marks the beginning of summer in a way so that makes it a little better.

Number 8 Martin Luther King Jr Day

We get school off and it is a very important holiday as MLK was a big fighter for equal rights. It is always inspiring to here his I Have A Dream Speech, so overall good holiday. MLK was so inspiring it is sad to know that he can never know how much he did for everyone.

Number 7 Veterans Day

Another important day as we get it off and it is a time to respect our veterans. Also, morn the loss of them even if they are not your friend or family. It is a good day to just relax after October since we get basically no school days off.

Number 6 New Years Day

We get it off school and it is cool that it is the first day of the new year, but it is totally outshined by its older brother New Years Eve. Most people spend New Years Day sleeping from staying up all night and sleeping off all the food and drinks. Also the last day of Christmas break which makes it ten times worse.

Number 5 Easter

It is such a boring holiday it is just candy and church. Nothing really that fun it is basically a janky Halloween that is more boring.

Number 4 Halloween

Top tier holiday you get to dress up as something and walk around and get candy with your friends, or when your older just decorating your house and giving candy to happy kids. It also adds a whole new element to horror movies making them so much better to watch.

Number 3 New Years Eve

This is a beautiful holiday nothing better than partying the night away and then waking up to the new year. It is all about becoming new and being better even though we only stick to it for about 2 weeks

Number 2 Christmas

To me the Christmas season is better than the actual day it is a day of giving, and it can even make the biggest scrooge happy. It is fun to see all of the presents under the tree, and just have a good time as a family opening all of the gifts.

Number 1 Thanksgiving

This is art thanks giving gives us the three f’s Food, Family, and Football. What could be better the food choice is amazing turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and  sparkling grape juice. I could keep going on about the food, but the best thing to do about the holiday is watching the lions lose. The thanksgiving parade is awesome as well. Then Santa comes through to bring on the Christmas season.