BA HISTORY 101: Christmas lists from the past


Isabelle Kelley

The December edition of the Hylite in 1986 featured student wish lists for Christmas.

Back in 1986, kids were just as excited for Christmas as they are 35 years later, and the gifts that kids want are definitely different as time goes on. Things advance, and people want different things.

We asked people in BluePrint what they wanted for Christmas and compared it with a Hylite newspaper that was made in 1986.

Some the things that kids still ask for are cars till the end of times, and most never receive that car till the end of times.

Also kids are still asking for a passing grades in a class instead of trying and doing the work for a passing grade.

Some things are different, though, as many people back then just wanted to not go to war.

A lot of people like to ask for phones now, while an 80s staple often asked for was wresting dolls,

Here’s what people were asking for in 1986:

  • Rowdy Roddy Piper doll
  • Subaru XT turbo
  • a passing grade in typing
  • Lamborghini
  • hermen survivors
  • gorgeous guy
  • snow for Christmas day
  • spend Christmas with Wayne
  • a wish come true
  • Dennis not to go to Germany
  • for everyone to have a great holiday

Here is the new list from the BluePrint:

  • 1968 Ford Mustang/Fastback
  • New Xbox controller
  • lululemon jacket
  • airpod pros/ iphone
  • ¬†puppy
  • bean bag
  • gas prices to go down
  • articles to actually get published on blueprint
  • ¬†2 new phones
  • lil peep tapestry
  • pass Spanish class