Power of Three: Girl Scout cookies


Thin Mints are hands down the best Girl Scout Cookie

Believe it or not, Girl Scout Cookies started in the 1920’s when they were going door to door selling cookies that they personally made. Now if you have been to the mall in the past three years you may have seen them setting up shop at the mall entrance selling their amazing non-perishable cookies.

In 1936 the Girl Scouts first licensed the first of their cookies. These cookies have been experienced by your great grandparents grandparents, parents, and you. Now lets rank them:

1: Thin Mints

Made for the first time in 1939, the Cookie-mints, aka the Chocolate mint, aka the Thin Mint … under many names it still tastes the same. It has the perfect texture mixed with the perfect chocolate and mint mixture on the chocolate sugar cookie background. These are probably on the top of everyone’s list due to them being around basically from the beginning of Girl Scout cookies. During peak Girl Scout cookie selling, the company that bakes Thin Mints, Little Brownie Bakers, makes 4.5 million cookies a day.

2: Tagalongs

The cookies are peanut butter goodness. They are a mixture of a light and crispy vanilla shortbread cookie and creamy peanut butter covered in a chocolate coating. A random commenter on the Girl Scout Cookie fandom website said, “Tagalongs are AMAZING. The peanut butter filling tastes and feels like ACTUAL peanut butter (I’m looking at you, Reese’s), and the graham cracker cookie is the perfect glue for the chocolate and peanut butter. SO GOOD.”

3: Lemon Ups

Lemon Ups are one of the most recent cookies on the Girl Scout menu. They replaced the Savannah Smiles in 2020 and I was sad to see them go. The new cookies are a lemon sugar cookie that is both sweet and sour. Although these are some of the newest cookies, the praises have been sung all over the internet. There are even have inspirational quotes etched on them, even though you probably will not see them by the time you demolish the whole bag and feel disgusting about yourself later that day.