OPINION: Taylor’s killers should be fired


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Mackenzie Weber

Breonna Taylor was an EMT and an aspiring nurse. She was shot to death by police after a so-called “botched raid”. They fired multiple rounds and shot her eight times as she was sleeping. Her death was result of a botched drug-warrant execution; there were no drugs found in the home, and the warrant targeted another person who not only lived miles away from Breonna, but was already detained by police by the time of the incident.

I believe people people should feel safe in their homes not having to worry if they’re  going to die in the hands of law enforcement. Yes, we need law enforcement;  they’re a crucial part of our society, but I think background checks and owning up to what you did are as, if not more, important.

The police said they did in fact knock and identify themselves. If the police didn’t lie then nobody could’ve said anything because the judge signed off on a warrant including a “no knock” policy,  so they legally didn’t have to knock, which I think is wrong. I think Officers Brett Hankison, Jonathan Mattingly, and Myles Cosgrove should be held more accountable. Although Mr. Hankison was fired because he was the one who blindly fired 10 rounds, I think he should get jail time.  As for Mr. Mattingly and Mr. Cosgrove, they were reassigned to administrative duties.

Breonna Taylor’s should have gotten more recognition, but since her death was the same day the world shut down from COVID she was put on the back burner until George Floyd’s  death about two months after her own. I personally believe those cops should’ve gotten into more trouble than just losing their jobs or getting demoted.  Brett Hankison had no right to shoot unless he felt threatened. They said he even shot into the next apartment.

The officers should all be fired for lying, saying they knocked when they didn’t. What else could they be lying about? I personally believe they all should be in jail.