Holiday-ish: National Puppy Day



Victoria Jenkins cuddles her pupppy.

Victoria Jenkins, Photographer/Staff writer

Dogs come in all different shape, sizes, age, and  colors, starting with the smallest chihuahua to the biggest English Mastiff. We all have our favorite breed.

In today’s holiday-ish, we celebrate the youngest of our canine friends on National Puppy Day.

At B-A, middle schoolers were able to spend some time with their furry friends after Hillside Doodles, a dog breeding business out of Spruce Creek, brought some puppies to school in honor of the day. Middle school students had had their names drawn to see who would get the chance to go to the media center and spend time with the animals.


Noah Rigler

“The students names that were put in the drawing were there because they had good citizenship and all of their homework was done,” said Mr. Trexler, who oversees activities in the media center.

National Puppy Day 2022 at B-A. (Hayliana Shumac) (Hayliana Shumac)