Mills ready to go beast mode

Junior back in headlining role in theater production


Aarron Laird

Junior Daman Mills is back starring in another production by the Bellwood-Antis Music Department, this with the lead role in Beauty and the Beast.

Daman Mills is the lead role in The Beauty and the Beast. (Aarron Laird)

Daman Mills, who is the Beast in the upcoming 2022 spring musical Beauty and the Beast is more ready than ever to showcase his vast array of talents as a performer.

Daman, who is now a junior, has been doing plays since sixth grade.

I’ve never had to play a character like him before so it’ll really stretch me out of my comfort zone.”

— Daman MIlls

“My first play was School House Rock, then High School Musical,” Daman said. “In 2020, (the spring play) got cancelled because of COVID.”

A true actor to his core, Daman also has also done plays out of school like Hyronomous A. Frog with the Mishler Theater.

When Daman tried out he was prepared to take any part he could earn, but when asked what part he wanted, he said he always wanted to be the Beast.

“I’ve never had to play a character like him before so it’ll really stretch me out of my comfort zone,” he said.

Daman believes this year’s musical be a big hit, and part of the reason is the amount of work the cast has put into it. The group began having practices as early as January.

“The entire cast at every rehearsal has improved over each month,” said Daman. “The musical will be a great musical and will be beneficial to the community and school district.”

Musical director Ms. Beth Hull said Daman, along with the cast and crew, has been working very hard to put together a great show.

This years Musical Beauty and the Beast is the 12th, 13th, and 14th of May. Come out and support your school and our students.