Power of Three: Worst fast food restaurants


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Some fast food places just don’t cut it.

Fast food has been around for a while now in America. The first instance of Fast food was a White Castle in 1921, but it wasn’t classified as Fast food until 1951 when the phrase was coined by Merriam-Webster.

Now every corner you turn you see a Fast food joint waiting for you to eat at but not everyone is worth eating at. It is usually a hit or a miss with fast food places. As, you either get what was pictured and what you think you are going to get, but most times you get a burger that looks like the fat cashier sat on it.

1: Arby’s

Nothing is worse then going into an Arby’s on a road trip to use the bathroom and having to smell their warm roast beef sandwiches. I am convinced that no one has ate at Arby’s more then once.¬† Who wakes up in the morning and thinks lets go to Arby’s and get the Corned Beef Reuben Meal with their thousand island dressing and sauerkraut. One of the worst if not the worst place I have ever ate at before in my life.

2: Panda Express

What to say about the worst Chinese restaurant you could ever think about eating at. They have orange chicken which is more like sandstone chicken. If you can even call it chicken. It is more like processed monkey meat with a light drizzle of chicken juice on top of it. Their rice is always like biting into a little pebble of Quartzite lightly salted. The best thing on their menu is the deep fried turkey gizzards also called sweet and sour chicken.

3: McDonalds

I was talking earlier about the burger that looks like the fat cashier sat on it. That is every burger that I have ever gotten from Micky D’s. Most of the burgers look like flatted light grey flesh disks. Not to mention that their ice cream machine is always not working I could go all the way to¬†Spunky Puddle, Ohio (which is a real place) and it will still be out of order.