ARTIST OF THE WEEK: Alyson Partner


Olivia Hess

Aly Partner is this week’s Artist of the Week.

Olivia Hess, Staff Writer

Alyson Partner, a senior at B-A, is this week’s Artist of the Week.

Alyson is in Art Appreciation. She participates because she thinks art classes are always fun and enjoys exploring new ways to create.

Although her favorite medium is paper since it’s easiest to draw on, her most-treasured piece of art is actually three-dimensional. “It has to be the gargoyle we did in eighth grade. It was really fun to create and paint it. I did mine of my bunny,” recalled Partner.

Not only does Art Appreciation give Alyson a chance to be creative, but it also helps other areas of her life. Taking the class allows her to see beauty in the world and reminds her to enjoy the little things.

The main inspiration for her work is the renowned Leonardo da Vinci. Alyson says, “Leonardo da Vinci inspires my work because he was always compassionate with his art, and has created some of the best art pieces in history.”

Her favorite time of day to draw is when she’s in class, as it’s when she’s most focused.

According to Alyson, one word to describe her art style is “chaotic”. “It’s a mess, but a masterpiece,” she says.