ARTIST OF THE WEEK: Briley Campbell


BASD file photo

Briley Campbell is the Artist of the Week.

Briley Campbell is a freshman at BAHS who participates in both, art appreciation and home Ec. She is an outstanding student and isn’t scared to try new things including cooking.

Her favorite thing to cook is buttered noodles and pancakes because they are quick and easy.

Her favorite thing about home Ec is talking with her friend and cooking and learning about how to take care of a household.

She decided to pick home Ec because 9th grade lunch is last lunch she knew this and decided to take home Ec so that she could eat.

“I would take it every year if I could because its a very fun class,” says Briley when talking about home ec.

Briley is also involved in the visual arts, taking drawing and sculpture with Mrs. McNaul.