ARTIST OF THE WEEK: Loralie Weeden


Hayliana Shumac

Loralie Weeden is a freshman who expresses her artistic abilities in a variety of ways.

Addalyn Turek, Staff Writer

Loralie Weeden is a freshman here at Bellwood-Antis who plays the electric guitar, and the piano.

She has been playing the guitar since around the age of 13. She was taught how to play the electric bass and from there she taught herself how to play the guitar. She is now working on learning how to play the piano.

Loralie says “Music has a huge ability to impact others in difficult ways. It may sound cheesy but music can really change peoples lives. It might be getting people through tough times or bringing people together music truly does have a great impact on people. It has also helped me express myself on many levels.”

She said that the Bellwood-Antis music program has helped her by teaching her new skills, and giving her opportunities that have allowed her to grow as an artist.