Power Of Three: Best NBA Players of all Time.


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LeBron is top 3, but not the best of all time.

Probably the most controversial topic known to man: who are the top 3 best NBA players of all time?

The list’s can vary, from Lebron to MJ or MJ to Kareem.

That’s why today I will tell you guys my top 3 players of all time.

1.  Michael Jordan

MJ averaged 20 or more points every season over his career. He also won 6 NBA championships. He is arguably the best NBA player of all time.  He also played in arguably the toughest and dirtiest era of all time. when there were less foul calls, so Jordan didn’t go to the line as much and three point shooting wasn’t as important as it is now. So this is why Jordan is the best player of all time. He also has 5 MVP awards. (He also made the greatest shoe of all time).

2.  Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Kareem has one of the best and most unstoppable shots of all time in the Sky Hook. He also is first in NBA history in points, games played, minutes, field goals made, field goals attempted, blocked shots, defensive rebounds, career wins and personal fouls.  Kareem was one of the pioneers to make the Lakers an all time great team, and he only shot one three his entire 19 year career. Kareem set the record in points with 38,387 in 1989. Like Jordan, he also has 6 rings and he has a record setting 6 MVP awards.

3. Lebron James

LBJ, The King, The Kid from Akron or, as I like to call him, third best. Lebron is the MJ for my generation. I grew up on watching Lebron, but he plays in a softer league and gets a lot of calls from refs. He is close to breaking Kareem’s all time points record. He has played over 19 seasons, so long his son can play with him. Lebron has 4 NBA championships, 4 finals MVP’s, 18 all star selections, and 4 MVP’s.