BAMS 22 Push-up Challenge


Middle School Student Pledges



This year marks the second year of the 22 push-up challenge. The 7th grade teachers, Mr. Hescox and Mr. Hunter, found the idea of the viral awareness campaign that gained traction and started to gather Hollywood celebrity support and participation in August 2016. The challenge last year was for all the brave veterans that fought for us and it continues this year as well. We raised $700 last year to give to the VA Hospital Mental Health Unit.

   This year there has been an addition to the event. There is a new opportunity to do 25 sit-ups for child cancer awareness. Here’s some information from one of the founders, Mr. Hescox, “It’s important to have our school do things to help others. Most people in the school know a veteran.” And Mr. Hunter said that they started planning the challenge in August of last year. If it went well enough, they’d do it this year too.

   T-shirts were sold for the challenge. The money received will be donated to the VA Hospital Health Unit and the Brian G. Morten Foundation for Childhood Cancer.