Just Juniors: Jordan Hescox


Jase Hostler

Jordan Hescox is one of the top Fortnite players on Earth.

Jordan Hescox has been chosen as the next Just Junior. Jordan has been going to B-A since kindergarten. When asked what he likes the most about B-A, he said, “It’s hype.”

Jordan has played many sports such as football, wrestling, baseball, and pétanque (French bocce). Of all of these, he says his favorite is E-sports. The games Jordan plays are games like Madden, Rainbow Six Siege, and especially Fortnite, where he placed top 1% in the world last year.

On the football field, Jordan has a total of 72 rushing yards and 30 tackles on the season so far. B-A has played a total of 4 games this season and has a record of 3-1.

Lastly, Jordan’s favorite food is a good beef stroganoff.

Best wishes to Jordan an his future at B-A.