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The Voice of the Bellwood-Antis Student Body

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The Voice of the Bellwood-Antis Student Body

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Artist of the Week: Kate Wallace

Kate Wallace
Kate Wallace is the Artist of the Week for her love of baking and artistic creativity!

This weeks Artist of the Week is Kate Wallace. She is a senior at Bellwood-Antis she is the president of Home Economics club and a member of Aevidum. She enjoys writing, baking, going on hikes, and creating art during her down time.

Kate said her favorite thing about culinary and visual arts is that she loves working with her hands and learning the history behind different recipes and cuisines. “Creating art allows me to express myself and capture the beauty of nature around me,” she said

She occasionally paints nature on canvas, and other times she will doodle with pen and ink. She loves both mediums very much because they best work with her style, and help her get what she sees in her head or in front of her onto paper.

What she has accomplished being an artist is becoming president of the Home Economics club, where she uses her skills to help the club prepare tasty goods for causes such as community events and school dances. She is also proud to feed her family and friends who all have a love for the banana bread she makes.

She is also proud of the projects she has made in her Art Appreciation class this year and enjoyed experimenting with new mediums as well.

Her motivation for what she does in the culinary arts is inspired by a sociological aspect of baking. “Humans have filled the boring, biological need for food with art,” stated Kate. “All of us, no matter what culture, have created a lifestyle around food. Different cuisines have been invented generation after generation and each holds it own meaning, and they choose to spend time making food with and for others. They have created meal times just so they can sit down with loved ones over the food they prepared to talk, laugh, cry, and share stories. They gave food wonder to those they want to congratulate and to those in need. Of course they are restricted to our biology, but the wonder of humanity is that they take those restrictions and turn them into something special.”

Kate was enrolled at the Pennsylvania College of Technology to pursue an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Baking and Pastry Arts, but unfortunately she was recently diagnosed with a chronic physical disability that will prohibit her from pursuing that trade as a career. Now she is applying to Penn State’s World Campus for a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Digital Journalism and Media to pursue her other passion of writing.

BluePrint teacher Mr. Naylor thinks one profession’s loss is another’s gain.

“Kate is such a go-getter and such a good writer, and for a young person such a broad perspective on the news, she is going to find a way to be successful in journalism. She is destined for success and she has shined in BluePrint this year,” Mr. Naylor said.

Her advice to other students that want to partake in arts is to keep persevering, “No matter what holds you back, never give up. You can hit a wall, but walls are there for us to lean of and take a rest. your plan may be thrown off balance, and it’s going to feel hopeless, but there always ways to work around the obstacles in life. success varies for everyone, although I can no longer pursue my passion as a career, my disability sure won’t stop me from baking on my own.”

Good luck Kate!

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