Feature Teacher: Mrs. Auberzinski is living the dream


Julia Johnson

Mrs. A is fulfilling a lifelong dream of being a history teacher.

Brandon Buss, Staff Writer

History teacher Mrs. Amber Auberzinski was hired by Bellwood-Antis for the 2021-2022 school year, when she served as a financial literacy teacher.

This year Mrs. Auberzinski, also known as Mrs. A, transferred to the history department, fulfilling her dream of becoming a history teacher

Mrs. A was actually a student teacher at B-A in 2019, working with Mr. Tim Andrekovich in the middle school.

It’s been overwhelming, and clearly God has been watching over me allowing things to fall into place.

— Mrs. Auberzinski

Mrs. A always knew that she wanted to teach, but couldn’t pull the trigger early on. After working for a few years, Mrs. A decided she would go back to college for teaching.

High School was rough for Mrs. A, pushing her passion to be a light in other students’ lives. She believes in and teaches by her motto, “Be who you needed when you were younger.”

“I also found passion for social studies my 7th grade year with Mr. Andrekovich and continued to love all of my social studies classes, with my favorite being American History II with Mr. McMinn,” Mrs. A said.

Coincidentally, she teaches the same subject (American History II) in the same classroom (Mr McMinn’s). She even still has her notes from high school years, proving her love for history.

Mrs. A says that on her first day teaching, standing in awe as she looked around the room, she reminisced about the hardships she had overcome. “It’s been overwhelming, and clearly God has been watching over me allowing things to fall into place.”

Mrs. A says that having a great experience at BA and being a part of the community played a role in her teaching at here.

“I love being part of the school culture,” she said.

Bright faces and eager learning was the expectation when Mrs. A began her career – all the hard work put into her lessons loved by students. But she learned that every student may have a situation of their own, rendering them partly focused on the day’s lesson. Mrs. A is very understanding of the students personal problems.

Teachers have to be focused all day everyday during the school year. They cannot fall behind on work or it affects the students, so Mrs. A’s family is very understanding and knows that she will probably spend the evening working on school related work. She has a daughter in the high school and a son in elementary school.

“Another way that it has changed my life is by teaching me patience, and teaching me that it isn’t necessarily the content that is impactful, but the way you treat people,” she said.

Outside of school, Mrs. A loves outdoor activities, enough for their family to move to the woods. Mrs. A and  her husband love to ride quads on trails together. She is also fan of books with a passion for reading, which allows her to see everything from a new perspective.