Feature Teacher: Mr. Hallahan and His New Position at BA


Jase Hostler

Mr. Hallahan is now a full-time teacher at B-A after a year of student teaching and substituting.

Jase Hostler, Staff Writer

Mr. Shawn Hallahan has been given the job of full time Financial Literacy and Computer Apps II teacher at B-A. He had spent the 2021-2022 school year completing his student teaching at B-A and working as a long-term sub.

When asked how he is liking the job, Mr. Hallahan has said, “So far I’m really loving the job, way more than liking it. There are many hurdles to jump, and that part excites me.”

In the past, Mr. Hallahan had his dreams set on being a history or physical education teacher. He was also a full-time parent educator for 4 years.

Although he has been a long-term and short-term substitute teacher, when asked how much more weight he carries being a full-time teacher, he has said, “It’s a lot more weight, but it’s good and healthy weight. It’s different planning compared to substituting when you come in and are told what to do.”

Mr. Hallahan has also taken the position of being the head coach of the junior high basketball team. He has the prior knowledge being a basketball coach for 6 years on the collegiate level.

Mr. Hallahan was asked how he foresees the middle school basketball team playing out.

“I’m excited to start working on player development and making sure our kids are getting better and better every day.”

Good luck to Mr. Hallahan and his future at B-A.