Game On: Rubber Bandits


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Rubber Bandits is a beat em’ up arcade style brawler area match. You play as a rubber character who twists and stretches in amusing ways. Your bandit’s goal includes, knocking out other players and stealing cash from the value before the swat team arrives. You must compete with 2-4 players in this heist for cash. A plethora of weapons can be acquired to knock out other players: such as explosives, firearms and melee.

This game is available on Xbox One, Xbox series X/S, PS4, PS5 and Steam for PC users.

The game features Online and Custom game modes. Online allows you to play with random players in parties of 4, while Customs allow you to control which, and how many players join. Although only 8 party modes are implemented, the match selection style rotates what game mode you play, utilizing dozens of unique maps for peak play.

Game controls are straightforward and simple enough for children to use. The bread and butter of Rubber Bandits comes in gameplay. When playing you can destroy many of your surroundings with various weapons of your choice. Effects from destruction are above and beyond, whether it be your screen shaking from explosions or visually pleasing displays depicting said explosion. The audio is on point breathing life into the game play. All combat is physics based, this means all characters and in game objects can be rag dolled and rubber banded making for some chaotic fun.

Rubber Bandits doesn’t experience any server issues but hasn’t been updated since January of 2022. This means the game will unlikely receive any more updates in the future and is a finished product. Although the game hasn’t been too popular, thanks to a youtuber named “SMii7Y”, multiple videos have surfaced about the game, allotting Rubber Bandits a new player base.

I give Rubber Bandits a 9/10, it has no issues and never gets stale playing with friends.