POWER OF THREE: Best Sports Video Games.


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What are the three best sports games ever?

Hello and Welcome back to the Power of Three.

Since the winter is coming up and most people will be inside, I will be naming the three best sports games.

1. NCAA Football (1993-2014)

NCAA is one of, if not the best, sports video games of all time. So when it was announced that it would be returning in the summer of 2023, the fans went nuts. One of the main reasons people really liked the game is the many things you could do. Every single college team was in the game, so you would never get bored. The Road to Glory is the main reason the game was popular. It starts with you in high-school and you’re a one star recruit and you have to play better and get offers. When you make it to college, you have to work your way up there too. You can also import the player to Madden, which brings me to 2.

2. Madden(1988-2023)

Madden is one of the longest running sport video games in the world. Bearing the name of the late, great John Madden, the game is starting to become repetitive and boring. That is the only reason it isn’t higher, but other than that Madden 23 has rebirthed the franchise  and made it more popular. Franchise mode is good but it needs fixing. MUT(Madden Ultimate Team), is what has kept the game going for so long, with new cards coming out every week, and they keep getting better and better. Madden is a good second, but not first or third.

3. NBA2K(1990-2023)

From what my father has said Madden and 2k were “Bumping” back in the day. NBA2K has changed a lot graphic wise, but there are some issues. It all started going down hill when 2k18 was released. The MyCareer mode is only used for park and there is a lot of filler stuff in it, too. MyTeam and park are the only reason this game is afloat. Park is the best part of the game, as you can really customize your player and make him a star. Madden and 2k are close but 2k can get very boring after awhile and madden doesn’t most of the time.