The Bellwood-Antis Junior High Football Team

fall 2022 season


The Bellwood-Antis Junior High football team concluded the season with a 9-0 record along with the ICC Championship. Some of their greatest accomplishments came at the hands of Alex McCartney, Chase Plummer, Jackson Dorminy, Bryson Hescox, Ethan Shawley, Jeffery Waite and Brayden Partner. The first 4 games went by like a breeze as the Blue Devils beat Tyrone, Glendale, Curwensville and Everett. Half way through the season the 4-0 Blue devils faced the 4-0 Green Hornets. The Devils didn’t overthink that game as they came out with the win 44-14. The following week they faced the 4-1 Rockets. The Rockets gave us a little scare at the beginning as the game was scored 8-6 Bellwood, at the end of the 1st quarter. Coach Burch gave the team a great talk, and to end the game the Devils won 38-6. Mount Union was our next big opponent as the 6-0 devils faced the 5-0-1 Trojans. The winner of this game would most likely be the ICC champs. The Trojans #2, who we practiced with that week, had only a couple good plays. At the end of the first, Bellwood was up 8-0. Bellwood came out after halftime and scored after a pick-six by Curtis Shedlock and we finished up the game 24-6. The 7-0 Blue Devils went to Mo Valley to face the Black Knights. The B-A team came out with the win and then defeated the Warriors of West Branch to conclude their season as the ICC champs!