Power of Three: Santa’s Best Reindeer

Rudolph isn’t the best reindeer

Rudolph isn’t the best reindeer

Hello and welcome back to the Power of Three. It’s time to start getting into the Christmas Spirit.

Today will talk about the three best Reindeer, and the  number 1 pick might shock you.

3. Donner and Blitzen

Donner and Blitzen are brothers and  it’s hard to keep them apart. Donner and Blitzen in Dutch are “Thunder and Lightning.” That is also a pretty cool name! It is said that Blitzen is as fast as a lightning bolt and is always on time as a result. Donner has booming voice like thunder and when he enters a room you know that it is him. Donner and Blitzen also sing together.

2. Comet 

Comet literally got his name for a rock falling from space. That might be the coolest way someone has gotten their name. It is also said that most of the kids at the north pole look up to comet, and he is always playing with the fawns.

1. Dasher 

Dasher is a natural born leader, and I’d go as far as to say that he is more important the Santa. He pulls the sleigh and he leads the pack. What more could you want out of a reindeer? He can also sew.

Controversially,  Rudolph is not on the list at all, and I’ll tell you why. The only thing he has is a shiny nose, nothing else. He’s not strong , he’s not fast, he is very overrated. People only know Rudolph because of the movie and song. Now I get it; he was made fun of by the other reindeer for having a shiny nose, but that’s just too sappy for me. People get made fun everyday for having something wrong with them, but they don’t get a movie or a song.