Ms. Hull announces departure from Bellwood


Courtesy Photo

Ms. Hull with her Beauty and the Beast cast on closing night.

Ms. Beth Hull, the high school and middle school choral director, officially announced her departure from Bellwood-Antis at the end of last month.

Ms. Hull has worked at B-A for 8-and-a-half years and will be moving to a new teaching position at Bedford Middle School this month, with her last day being January 17.

In her time at B-A, Ms. Hull helped produce multiple musical productions, including Grease, Beauty and the Beast, Charlie Brown, Music Man, Footloose, and School House Rock Live Junior and High School The Musical  Junior.

Ms. Hull feels that she has learned a lot from working at B-A.

“I’ve learned so much from my colleagues and students, and it’s all been very positive,” she said. “I have grown here has a teacher and a person, Bellwood is my home.”

Mr. Zachary Spaw, who is currently a long-term substitute for art teacher Mrs. Leah McNaul, will take become B-A’s next choral director. Mr. Spaw did his student teaching at B-A, working under Band Director Mr. Patrick Sachse.

Her chorus recently put on its last performance under her belt last month at the annual Christmas concert, and her students had nothing but positive things to say.

Jacob Caracciolo, a 10th grade chorus student, said, “Miss. Hull has always pushed us to do our best, even when days were rough, she stuck with us and helped grow our talents and push us out of our comfort zone. I will always remember and appreciate all she’s done for us.”

“We are like her kids, and she truly does love us. I’m happy she’s going on for better things that will benefit her,” said Trinity Riva, a junior singer.

Ms. Hull would like her students to remember to always be open to new possibilities, enjoy music, and remember, “if it’s hard it should not be, and if it’s easy it should.”

Bellwood is my home.”

— Miss. Hull

Before Ms. Hull left she wanted to leave some advice for the future teacher taking in her new position.

“Share your love and passion for music with the students, and you will certainly inspire them to appreciate how music can fill your life uniquely,” Ms. Hull said.

Good Luck at your new job Ms. Hull! Bellwood-Antis appreciates all that you have done for its music department and community! You will be missed!