Power of Three: Broken New Year Resolutions


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New Year’s resolutions are more popular in the breach than the observance.

Since it’s the New Year, most people are making their New Year’s Resolutions, but about 80 percent of resolutions are broken and about 20 percent are broken in the month of January.

Here are three common ones.

1. Going to the Gym or Eating Healthy 

Most people say that they are going to the gym, work out more, and eat right, but they break that resolution within the next 5 minuets of them saying that. Most gym rats or people who go to the gym a lot don’t like it when the “new guys” come into they gym because most people don’t know what they are doing. Some ways people fail this resolution is they burn out quickly, don’t have the work ethic to maintain a commitment,  or are just are lazy.

2. Trying Something New ( Hobbies )

People try to say that they are going to start something new like cooking, sports, or traveling, but realize it takes effort and soon give up. For example, many people want to start cooking and baking, but halfway through they realize how  much of a hassle it is and just stop and try something else. Also, most people simply claim that they are going to try something new and end up just jokingly saying it.

3. Volunteer for Something.

A good bit of people say that they will volunteer at places like local soup kitchens, homeless shelters and the Red Cross, but end up gone within weeks. Maybe they don’t like volunteer work very much. Sometimes they just don’t like the hard work that goes into volunteering. Sometimes they don’t like the people they work with.