Game On: Hell Let Loose


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Hell Let Loose is a banger of first-person military game.

Hell Let Loose is a first-person military realism game featuring 50v50 pvp matches set in the midst of WW2.

All maps in the game are to-scale replicas of real locations during WW2. The developers attempted to make it as realistic as possible, featuring true gun sounds and accurate soldier design. 

The amount of effort mixed with attention to detail is outstanding. Explosions have visible shockwaves and precise depth. I am thoroughly surprised about how their suppressing fire is implemented. When shooting at a target or close by, it is difficult for enemies to return fire.

Two game modes are featured, one which plots five objectives on a map throwing both teams into a dogfight for supremacy. The other game mode allows an attacking and defending team with the same five objectives.

Games can last from thirty minutes to practically forever. Once capturing or losing an objective the thirty-minute timer resets, allowing for the game to continue.

A team can be sifted into four distinct categories players choose from when loading into a game. These include Infantry, Armor, Recon & Commander. 

Only one player can be commander who is responsible for coordination. They need to drop supplies for engineers to build spawns and allow for more armor deployment. Taking vital information and redirecting officers to attack strategic points of interest.

Real tactics are commonly used as commanders send squads to flank enemy installments. For simplification each squad is given a short nickname and letter assigned for easier communication.

When choosing Infantry, the number of squads is unlimited, although each squad can only hold six players. Each player chooses a class which is limited to one per squad. Classes are the type of soldier you are, such as medic, engineer, machine gunner, support, officer, automatic rifleman, assault, rifleman, or anti-tank.

Armor revolves around all types of machinery, from heavy tanks to troop transport. Armor can change the tide of battle if deployed correctly but is limited to four players per squad. Consisting of a crew chief and three crew.

Most armored vehicles are operated with a driver who can only see out of a stilt window, a spotter who is exposed, and a gunner who can only see out of the barrel scope. If your tank crew refuses to communicate with you, you’re better off as infantry.

Only two Recon squads can exist at once with each persisting of a sniper and scout. The sniper is self-explanatory and sticks with the scout 24/7. Recon has a special ability to go anywhere on the map, tasking them with destroying artillery.

Artillery is special because anyone can use it, just run up to one of the three batteries and fire. Although, you must use the map and coordinates given to you by the commander as you are practically blind.

Balance and communication between squads is vital for victory. Communication persists of Command, Squad & proximity chat. 

Command consists of all squad leaders, officers and the commander. This allows coordinated assaults, and officers the ability to report tanks and bombing runs to the commander.

Squad includes those players in your squad. Calling out nearby enemies and potential strongholds/choke points.

Proximity allows you to communicate to anyone in a nearby radius. This causes quite a few funny moments, but also makes you feel like you’re in the mix. The ability to call for a medic whilst downed in proxy chat allows for nearby teammates to formulate a rescue plan.

The bottom line is that Hell Let Loose is a great game. It lacks little to nothing if you’re looking for an enjoyable, yet intense realistic WW2 first person shooter. 10/10