HOLIDAY-ISH: National Daisy Day


A daisy’s petals glisten in the sunlight..

Flowers have been increasing in their popularity, but what about Daisies? Daisies have some meanings you may have never guessed.

Saturday, January 28th is national Daisy day to enjoy a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

The types of Daisies range in all different colors, and different climates as well. Fun fact daisies actually represent purity, loyalty, innocence, patience, and simplicity. Daisies in fact appear simple, but their meanings aren’t.

A European species in the Asteraceae family, Daisies are in a collective variety of species that belong to Europe and Asia. In 2200 the Egyptians were the first to pick a daisy, and continued to grow them in their temple gardens.

The word ‘Daisy’ comes from the Old English language due to petals blossoming at dawn and shutting at dusk.

Since the petals are so beautiful and vibrant celebrate today by making you and some friends a flower crown out of daisies and even dye them with food coloring to make it more fun!