ATHLETE OF THE WEEK: Christian “Chug” Jennings


Courtesy photo

Christian Jennings had a fabulous season as a freshman on the wrestling team.

Tighe Eaken Jr., Staff Writer

Christian “Chug” Jennings has been named the Blueprint’s Athlete of The Week for the impact he has made this year on the varsity wrestling team as a freshman with his 13-8 record in the 215-pound weight class.

When he started his wrestling career 10 years ago, friends and family knew Christian had a very bright future in wrestling, especially with his family’s rich history in the sport.

“Having my brothers and my pap coach me really helps a lot,” said Christian. “My brothers have a very technical philosophy on wrestling, while my pap is all about tweaking every little move using his incredible knowledge of the sport, and together they all make a very good coaching staff.”

One of those brothers is his current varsity coach, Nicholas Torsell, was very pleased with how Christian has performed this season as a freshman.

“All in all Chug posted a fantastic freshman season,” he said. “The coaches were all extremely happy with the progress he made. Being 14 years old and competing with kids much older and more experienced, he held his own quite well.”

In his free time during the offseason, Christian trains his power and speed through boxing and football, another sport where he got a lot of playing time at the varsity level as a freshman.

Christian wasn’t expecting to get to contribute to the wrestling team as much as he did this year.

“It definitely wasn’t expected, seeing as I am just a freshman, but there really isn’t any pressure due to the fact that we have so few teammates,” Christian said. “That means there are no must-win matches. It allows me to wrestle more comfortably.”

Christian said the team’s winless record does little to show how far the group has come this season.

“Our record doesn’t show how good we all actually are, but if you come to watch you can see for yourself that we have quite the group of wrestlers,” said Christian.

One quote that Christian always keeps in mind is one he made for himself: “If you are your own biggest fan, you must be your worst critic”

Congratulations Chug on being named the Athlete of The Week.