Power of Three: Best Sports City’s


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Los Angeles is one of the top sports cities in the United States.

Hello and welcome back to the Power of Three.

Since the Super Bowl just ended, I’ve decided to rank the top 3 sports cities.

I will be ranking them off of market, big championship wins and how many fans they have.

1. Los Angeles (California) 

The city of Los Angeles is home to many teams like the Lakers, Clippers, Dodgers, Rams and Chargers. The whole state of California has teams like the Kings, Warriors, 49ers, and the Giants, etc.

California has the most sports teams in the USA with 18. They also have 33 championships just in Los Angeles alone. Due to how big a market California is, many big name stars like Lebron James, Kawhi Leonard, Mookie Betts, Aaron Donald, etc., have decided to sign with some of the sports teams. The fans of Los Angelus were named the best fans in the US, with a 50.91 total grade.

2. Boston (Massachusetts) 

The city of Boston is home to many historical sports teams like the Celtics, Red Sox and Bruins. The whole state of Massachusetts doesn’t have many teams, but the teams that do reside in Boston are very historical.

The city of Boston has only 3 major sports teams but they have 40 championships, with the Celtics having 17 of the championships. Boston also has a big market so many big names like Jayson Tatum, Justin Turner and David Krejci choose to play there. Both the Bruins and Celtics have the best records in the NHL and NBA.

3. Miami (Florida)

The city of Miami is home to many teams like the Dolphins, Heat, Marlins and Miami Hurricanes. The whole state of Florida has teams like Florida State, Buccaneers, Jaguars, Rays, Magic and the Lightning.

They state of Florida has won 17 major championships, with the Heat and Dolphins having most of them. Miami also has a very big market where players like Tyreek Hill and Jimmy Butler like call home. The state of Miami is on the up rise in sports championships with the Dolphins making the playoffs but losing and the Heat making the NBA finals and losing.

There are many other different sports city’s in the USA, but these are my big 3.