FEATURED ALUMNI: Philip Chamberlain


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Philip receiving awards for his research.

Philip Chamberlain is the BluePrint’s newest FEATURED ALUMNUS.

Philip graduated in 2020 as the B-A class valedictorian.

Currently, Philip is attending Penn State University, Altoona Campus, and is majoring in mathematics.

Philip has kept his academic excellence up throughout college, being on the Dean’s List with a 4.00 GPA for each semester from the fall of 2020 through the fall of 2022. He is also in the Penn State Altoona Honors program.

Philip believes that his biggest accomplishments in college have been his research. He was able to work in the lab with his physics professor during his first semester, which lead him to earn two awards from the Penn State Altoona Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities Fair in for his work: 2nd place award in Physical and Natural Sciences and a 1st place award inĀ  Sustainability. Philip believes that even without the awards, his research is still an accomplishment in itself.

Philip does his research with the Physics Department of Penn State Altoona, where the group investigates nano materials and techniques to be used to create more efficient solar panels.

The potential impact of groups work is to make clean energy more plentiful and effective, which could make electricity more accessible and lower our dependence on fossil fuels for power.

“I feel that my research is an accomplishment in and of itself because I am applying my knowledge from both high school and college to a real world application that could help a lot of people,” said Philip.

Although Philip is not certain on what he plans to do after graduating from Penn State, he thinks that he will continue his education to graduate and hopefully get his doctorate in the long run.

I feel my research is an accomplishment…. and is a real world application that could help a lot of people.

— Philip Chamberlain

“As for a career, I would love to do research professionally but am also considering several other avenues,” said Philip on the benefits of being a mathematics major, such as being able to qualify for many technical careers as well as good non-technical majors with all the logic and reasoning mathematics gives him.

Philip’s favorite thing about life post-B-A is being able to apply what he learned in high school to his research and to college.

While Philip was in B-A, he was an honors program student and enjoyed his time as an overall good experience.

“I spent most of my time in high school doing schoolwork/homework, but I really didn’t mind,” said Philip on his B-A experience. “High school prepared me well for college, especially because of my involvement in PJAS and CHS debate.

As for Philip’s advice for any current B-A seniors who are preparing to graduate, it is to not be afraid of uncertainty and making difficult decisions academically.

“It’s not as scary as it seems,” said Philip about difficult decisions in college, such as switching your major.

A few more tips of advice for seniors that Philip has are to take general education classes, to not be afraid of taking a minor, and to go to a college that feels right for you, even if that means staying at home and not moving far.

Congratulations Philip on being this weeks FEATURED ALUMNI and good luck with your future education!