Power of Three: Best Breakfast Foods


My delicious breakfast that my mom made.

Hello and Welcome back to the Power of Three.

Todays Topic will be the best breakfast foods and meals.

1. Eggs, Toast, Bacon and Orange Juice. 

In my personal opinion, this is the best breakfast meal and the best breakfast foods. It doesn’t matter what kinds of eggs they are either. it can be scrambled or sunny side up it doesn’t matter. Now they only way you can screw up this  breakfast is by making the bacon to chewy . I was hear my bacon crunch and go down easy, I don’t wanna be sitting at my table for 5 minutes just chewing on bacon. Other than that this breakfast is top-tier.

2. Pancakes.

You can never go wrong with a good flapjack in the morning. Like sometimes you can incorporate Chocolate Chips, Blueberries and even Sprinkles. I love to drizzle a little bit of Syrup on it sometime. the only problem with pancakes is their are too sweet for me in the mourning’s. Sometimes if you put too much syrup they can make the pancakes too soggy. Other than that this is also a top-tier breakfast.

3.  French Toast.

French Toast is a hard food to make, but when made right is a really good breakfast. I like to sprinkle bacon bites, syrup and powered sugar on my French toast. That just makes it 10 times better. The only way to screw up French toast is making it too eggy, putting in the egg. Other than that this one of the greatest breakfast of all time.