POWER OF THREE: Best Shoe Brands


Shoes canst make the outfit. Here are the three best! (Julia Johnson)

Hello and Welcome back to the Power of Three.

Today’s Power of Three will be about the best shoe brands.

I will be ranking the shoes on Durability, Look and Comfort.

3. Adidas 

I really like Adidas, they are very low-price and are very comfortable. Compared to most shoes, Adidas has a very sleek look and have been around forever. Every shoe has a fault, and the only pet-peeve that I have with Adidas is that the shoe breaks down easily. I owned a pair of Adidas and they broke down within 1 month of me buying them. My shoes should last for about 2-3 months before buying a new pair. Other than that this is a good shoe brand and falls in my top 3.

2. HeyDude

This might be a controversial pick, but heydudes are very comfortable, have a nice durability and a nice sleek look. I owned one pair of heydudes and they lasted for a long time and were very comfortable on my dogs. The only pet-peeve that I have with this shoe is they aren’t very sporty. Like if you want to go on a run, don’t wear heydudes, wear something else. Other than that heydudes are a very good shoe and I would highly recommend wearing them.

1. Nike

In my opinion Nike is the G.O.A.T of the shoe game. Nike has some of the freshest kicks in the game, from their basketball shoes to their track shoes. I get most of my shoes from Nike because they are soft and comfortable. Also, without Nike there would be no Jordan Brand. The only complaint that I have with Nike is how expensive their shoes can be, but other than that, Nike in my opinion is best shoe brand of all time.