Super Sub: Ms. Terrizzi


Ms. Terrizzi has been subbing in Art class for 7-12th grade for the last 4 months. She really enjoys teaching and says she loves to get to know and work with the students. She also loves seeing the creativity of her students. We asked Ms. Terrizzi why she subs, some things about her, and what she plans to do in the future. 


Q: What made you decide to sub?

A: “I wanted to continue working with students, and the opportunity came along to work here!” 

Q: How long have you been subbing? 

A: “This is my first real time subbing.” 

Q: What’s one thing you would change about subbing? 

A: “The communication—I feel left out of a lot of things that other teachers know.” ‘

Q: Do you have a job outside of subbing? 

A: “I used to work at Target, and I still go back once a month, but I would love to make more art and sell it.”


We also interviewed some of her students she’s taught over the last 4 months. Maddox McCall said, “She helps us and makes class fun. She has us do art that isn’t boring.”