Power of Three: The best Gatorade flavors


Kerry Naylor

Gatorade comes in a variety of flavors, but these are the three best.

Hello and Welcome back to the Power of Three

Today’s top 3 is the best Gatorade Flavors.

3. Glacier Cherry 

Glacier Cherry is a really good flavor of Gatorade. When you first take a sip of this flavor, your taste-buds explode. The cherry isn’t so strong that it is overpowering in your mouth. The design of the bottle is really good too. On the outside it looks white and bland, but on the inside its actually cherry flavored. The only peeve that I have with this flavor is how the cherry can start to leave a bad taste in your mouth after a while.

2. Cool Blue. 

I really like Cool Blue, and I usually get it before my sporting events. I’m a big supporter of blue flavored things. This flavor has been around for ages and never gets old. Just like glacier cherry, the bottle design is really cool. The only peeve that I have with cool blue is, if you leave it unrefrigerated for like 30 minutes the blue starts to dull out.

1. Lemon-Lime

Lemon-Lime is really really good, and it’s my undisputed number 1 Gatorade. Everything about this flavor is really good. The aftertaste it leaves in your mouth is awesome. It is also a very classic flavor and everyone loves it. After every race I chug a big bottle of Lemon-Lime and it fuels my body. No peeves about this flavor. Overall just a good flavor.