Super Sub – Mrs. Wright


Mrs. Wright has been subbing and teaching for many years now. She started subbing in 1979 at Hollidaysburg and Altoona before becoming a long term sub here at Bellwood in the high school music department in 1981. The next year she became a permanent elementary vocal music teacher.  She retired in 2014 and started subbing in spring of 2015 back at Bellwood. She has been at Bellwood since. 

Mrs Wright is also involved in the Bellwood community and holds a spring and fall children’s choir. 

 We asked her why she decided to sub, and she responded, “I love teaching! I enjoy being with the other teachers and helping the students. I’m not ready to give up helping others and trying to make a difference!” 

We then asked her what her favorite part of subbing was, she answered, “Being with the students, helping the students, and being with the teachers. I am glad to help in the school district.” 

We then asked her what her favorite subject to teach for is, and she said, “I have no favorite subject to sub for. I will go anywhere I’m needed.”

We then asked her if she prefers subbing for elementary, middle or high school. She replied, “I have no preference, but lately I have been subbing in room 15 in the position that had been occupied by Miss. Christine.”

 We also asked if she would change anything about subbing.  She answered with, “Nothing.”

When we asked her what she does when the kids are doing work, she said, “I read, walk around the room, check on the kids, correct papers, and whatever needs done.”

When asked if she liked subbing, she replied, “Of course! I love subbing!”

Lastly, we asked her if she has a job outside of subbing and what it is. She said, “I teach private violin and viola lessons in my studio at my home, and I play in the Altoona Symphony Orchestra.”

Mrs. Wright cares about her students and coworkers very much. She is a very important part of our community and school, and we’re lucky to have her as our teacher. We should show the same respect to her that she shows us.