Green continues family military tradition


Kerry Naylor

Noah Green is heading to the United States Air Force following graduation.

Jacob Hawn, Staff Writer

The service tradition within senior Noah Green’s family is what is driving his decision to join the military. With two grandfathers that served in the Vietnam war era, Noah aims to continue the legacy. 

Torn between college and the military, Noah made the decision to join the United States Air Force as a command and control battle management operator. 

“I chose the Air Force because it seemed like the best fit for me,” said Green. “I took a job as a command and control battle operator which is basically ground radar, air surveillance, and weapons systems.”

Noah feels motivated by his family support, legacy, and the opportunity for self-discovery that the military will provide. 

“My family has been very supportive of me,” said Green. “When I looked into the military, I saw a great opportunity for self-discovery.”

Noah is looking forward to discipline, starting good habits, and meeting new people. He is also eager for the long term benefits that the military will offer. 

“I see all of my basic needs being taken care of,” said Green. “I also value family a lot, and when I have a family the Air Force will go to great lengths to make sure they are taken care of.”

Congratulations Noah, and good luck!