Power of Three: Best sodas


Kyra Markey

Soda is a common treat young people love, but what sodas are the best?

Hello and Welcome back to The Power of Three. 

Todays topic is the best sodas.

3. Sprite

Sprite is a really good soda. When my dad buys soda from the store it’s usually Sprite. I’m a really big fan of lemon and lime drink products. The other thing that I really like about is Sprite is the minimal fizz that comes when pouring the drink into a cup. The only problem that I have with Sprite is if you drink too much it really makes you wanna throw up. Other than that, this is a good soda.

2. Pepsi 

Pepsi is very good and I enjoy it.  I usually drink it a summer cook-outs. I also like the many flavors of Pepsi. My favorite flavor has got to be cherry. The only peeve that I have with Pepsi is how fizzy and messy it can be. Other than that good soda, but not as good as my number one.

1. Dr. Pepper

The GOAT of the soda world. Dr. Pepper just can’t be topped. It such a good soda. Everywhere I go I get Dr. Pepper. I also like how there isn’t much fizz either when pouring the drink. There are also many flavors like orange, vanilla, and  lemon. It’s my undisputed number 1.