In The Middle


This year, there were some new members that joined the BA middle school Blueprint. They write articles that are featured under the title, “In The Middle”. Until 2014, it was called “The Highlight”. Ms. K ran the newspaper until 2006, when Mr. Naylor took over. Before it turned into an online newspaper in 2014, it was a physical newspaper that you could hold. Since 2014, the staff has excelled in online publishing. 


   The Blueprint got in touch with SNO. When they went online, they decided to make a separate section for the middle school and the high school. For two years, the high school blueprint was announced as the best student website in the state, and they were runner-up three to four times.


    The middle school newspaper, “In the Middle”, is run by Mrs. Trexler. It consists of students from seventh and eighth grade.  She splits it up into six jobs: writer, editor, publisher, photographer, interviewer, and researcher. We post articles as often as we can and meet two days a week.