Net Neutrality: Even Netflix is doing it


A decision should be coming by the end of the month on the controversial issue of Internet neutrality.

Natalie Dumin, Student Contributor

Net neutrality is when your internet provider treats all internet traffic equally. The debate is that some people believe that they should charge more for people who use more. The example used in the passage is Netflix. Instead of charging you more for more access to certain services, you’d pay one standard amount-this is net neutrality.

I personally believe that there should be one amount for all amounts of usage, so I believe in the net neutrality. Companies are already making a lot of money as is and they don’t need more money while ripping people off in the process.

Even Netflix supports net neutrality. They don’t believe in changing you more just because you watch fifteen movies in a month versus your neighbor who only watches ten.

Opponents of net neutrality argue that they lose the incentive to invest in upgrading, which they believe will ultimately hurt consumers. The response that I have to thin is that it’s their own fault if they lose motivation/incentive and they’ll pay for it. That’s not a good enough reason to rip people off. New things will come along anyway.

It’s unfair because things have been like this for a long time and it works as is, so why punish the consumers who are already paying these companies?