Love Your Pet Day

Alexis Mayhue

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May 19, 2015

Slow Down by Kellie Tyrrell

Today is the day to show your pets even more love than usual.

How are you with pets? Do you like’em? Hate’em? Are you mehhh feeling about them?

Do you baby talk them? Do you act like you hate them but when no one’s around you are giving them belly rubs?

Then today is your day. It’s Love Your Pet Day!

Go ahead, give them that extra treat or play with them longer than normal. Or try any of these special activities.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a snake, cat, skunk, or baby elephant. It deserves that extra special attention from you today.

Tessa Albert sums up how most people feel about their animals: “I love my dog but there are moments where I just– I definitely picked the trouble maker of the bunch.”

“I have a pond full of fish– does that count?”

Some pets are life lines and some are best friends.

Whether you are four or ninety you can partake in this day. Seriously, it doesn’t take much to scratch behind your cat’s ears.

Then there’s Jess Salmon: “I love cats. They are sooo cute. The only problem is I can’t find one that likes me.” … Maybe she should just stick to dogs.

To some people pets are just that, pets. But to others? They are the shoulder to lean on when they are feeling down or that one thing that they can tell anything and know no one else will find out. Some pets are life lines and some are best friends.

So a pet can range from a something to cuddle up beside to a life line and that’s something to think about.