HAHAHA– it’s world laughter day

“Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, and dreams are forever.” – Walt Disney

Alexis Mayhue

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May Ray Day
May 19, 2015

Don't let a day go by without laughing
(Laugh Sign (Paul Brennan little paul))
Don’t let a day go by without laughing

Did you know when you laugh a lot all of your wrinkles end up in the right places?

And that laughter is the best kind of medicine?

And that none of this can really be proved but it’s just something you like to hear?

Placebo affect at its finest, everyone.

If you laugh like Rumplestiltskin (seriously it’s creepy, check it out) or you laugh like Chanel West Coast (the girl from Ridiculousness), don’t be scared to let it all out whenever you get the chance– especially today.

“Laugh all day, laugh all night; if you laugh all the time, you’ll feel alright.”

– Jess Salmon

Everyone has had those really good laughing sessions.  The “can’t breathe and I feel a new set of abs coming on” laughs?

These fits of laughter usually come around when you’re with your friends and you know no one is going to judge you.

When you’re really being yourself and loving life without a care in the world.

Whether it’s something like Kevin Hart or a family member being an idiot, you probably get a good laugh in everyday. And if you don’t you’re doing life wrong.