To read or not to read

Alexis Mayhue

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May Ray Day
May 19, 2015

It’s haiku day, Ms. Trostle’s favorite poetry form. Here’s one gem from her AP lit class.

Today is the day,

you know, the day for poems:

April seventeenth.


Not any poem though.

Today is meant for haiku’s,

so let’s get started.


Oh wait, look at that,

we have started already.

Looks like we tricked you.


Whatcha gonna do?

Nothing but keep reading this,

that’s what, hahaha.


But it’s not that bad.

To read a poem, that is.

So just keep going.


Do you know the way

to write a haiku poem?

How ’bout we tell you?


You start out with five

syllables. Seven are next.

And end it with five.


Nothing too hard, right?

It’s just five, seven, then five.

It’s easy peasy.


But on the upside,

I am running out of things

to say in this form.


Why are you still here,

and putting up with this stuff?

Like really, come on.


This is the last one

no more stanzas are to come

so, uh, it was fun.