Jr. High football about to get tough

2015 season set to begin


Jamie Forshey

The junior high football players are looking forward to another season.

Its that time of year again… Football season!

The Bellwood-Antis Jr. High football team has been working so hard for weeks. Hard practices after school and all leading up to the first game!

On Saturday, September 5, they played the Mount Union Trojans and beat them 36-8 .

Since this is some of the junior high players’ first year after playing pee-wee football, we decided to talk to some of these athletes.

We asked first year player Joe Dorminy what the biggest difference from going from one level to another was and he said, “The size of the players is the biggest difference because we used to play kids up to two years younger.” We also asked him how it feels to finally be a Blue Devil and he responded, “Great!”

When you’re going into 7th grade you can decide to play junior high football or play another year in the pee-wee league. When we asked Owen Shedlock why he decided to move up to the next level, he told us, “You get more out of it when you move up.”

Ty Noonan said, “The games and practices are way more intense.”

We all know that it’s important to have a good sized team and according to second year player Trevor Miller, “There could be more kids, but we have a great sized team.”

We asked Coach Hescox what the best part about coaching Bellwood-Antis Jr. High football is, and he said, “The best part of being involved in the Bellwood program is that it is so respected throughout the state.”

So as football season gets underway, not only are the players and coaches excited, but the Bellwood community is too!