Raegan Plowman: Moving up to IUP

College Bound Q&A

Raegan Plowman


BluePrint: What college were you accepted into?

Plowman: I was accepted into my first choice college, Indian University of Pennsylvania.

BluePrint: How many colleges did you apply to?

Plowman: IUP was the only college that I applied to.

BluePrint: What made you apply to this specific college?

Plowman: IUP is known for the program that I am interested in going into. I loved their campus when I visited and found it inspiring. The whole atmosphere was warming.

BluePrint: What are you planning on majoring in?

Plowman: I want to major in Criminology.

BluePrint: What made you choose this specific major?

Plowman: I am very interested in police investigations. The whole field of criminology has always interested me.

BluePrint: What do you think will be some of the major differences between college and high school?

Plowman: I think I’ll have more freedom and more time for myself. School days won’t be as long in college as it is in high school.

BluePrint: What are your feelings on moving on from Bellwood-Antis High School?

Plowman: I feel like I will miss Bellwood; but at the same time, I want to see what living in a different environment entails. Mostly I’ll miss all the great memories I had here.

Indian University of Pennsylvania is a NCAA Division II member and spans approximately 374 acres through Indian, Pennsylvania. With its 15,000 graduate and undergraduate students, it is no wonder that IUP is a top contender among socially responsible schools in the nation. Indian University of Pennsylvania is the only university in the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education to offer Doctor of Philosophy degrees (meaning they offer a variety of degrees from the most basic subjects to an assortment of career specific degrees).