Powderpuff Preview


Denise Showalter

This year’s Powderpuff game is November 15th at 2 P.M.

Caroline Showalter, Staff Writer

The annual Powderpuff game will be held Sunday, November 15, at 2 P.M. at the Memorial Stadium.  The Powderpuff game is sponsored by the Relay for Life and all proceeds from the entrance fee will go to the Relay for Life.

It’s  a good game for an even greater cause.

Last year the juniors, this year’s seniors, lost 6-0.  The game was a constant battle until the Class of 2015 took the win.

This year the Class of 2016 is coming back with a vengeance, but they’re still looking to have fun and enjoy their last Powderpuff game.  The seniors have been working hard under coaches Zachary Taylor, Jacob McCaulley, Jake Burch, Devin Burr, Cameron Nagle, and Michael Yohn.  Taylor, also known as “Old Rough and Ready,” is confident in his senior team this year.

We’re going to crush them.

— Senior coach Zach Taylor

“We’re going to crush them,” said Zach.

The senior girls might have only had two practices but they have accomplished a lot at those practices.  They have got their offenses down and are ready to play defense.  The girls even worked on their touchdown dances for fun.  They are looking for a win but they also just want to enjoy it.

The other senior coaches are also confident.

Devin Burr said, “We gonna win!” and Jake Burch believes that the seniors are going to play well.  The senior coaches aren’t the only ones excited for the game.

The girls are also ready to take the field.

Senior Laycee Clark said, “We have been working pretty hard and hope to get the win to redeem what happened to us last year.”

On the other hand the juniors have also been working hard to pull out a win.  When asked about the game junior Phoebe Potter said she is confident in her team.

“It’s going to be a good game.  I believe both teams have natural athletism and it will just be a good game to watch,” she said.

Fellow junior Karson Swogger also believes it will be a good game and she said it will be a constant battle until the end. The juniors have learned their plays and have been practicing blocking.  They want to have fun but are also looking for the win as well.

Junior coach Jarryd Kissel said, “The girls have been working hard and even though we only have eleven girls they are going to play great and do the best they can.”

This game is going to be a good one.  One team is looking to play for the best of their ability, while the other is looking for revenge.