B-A Got ‘Dat Spirit!

Spirit Week event a huge success!


Alexandra Diamond

Scenes from the BAMS Spirit Week

Recently, BAMS students were encouraged to to participate in the 5th annual Spirit Week that included a variety of fun dress up days throughout the school week. I had the chance to do a recap of this year’s events.

Monday was Multiple Day so students could dress up like their friends. This activity is otherwise known as “twinning”. I asked 7th grade student, Tyler Mccaulsky, why he and his friend decided  to twin instead of getting a small group together. His response was that they only had two matching fedoras and two black ties. I asked another 7th grade student, Malia Danish, who she picked to twin with and why? She picked Haley Campbell because they went shopping and saw an outfit they both liked.

Tuesday was Fake An Injury Day in which students could actually pretend they were hurt. I asked Caitlyn Mccartney, a 7th grader, about her cast. She said she made it with mesh tape and some type of glue her mom put on it. I also asked Mr. Trexler, a 6th grade teacher, how he made his wounds, and he told me he used glue, red food dye and paper towels.

Wednesday was PJ Day so students could wear their favorite pajamas to school for the day. I asked some 5th grade students if they enjoyed dressing like this and they said they really had fun coming to school in such comfy clothes.

Thursday was Cowboy Up Day and that meant students were able to you guessed it! Dress up like cowboys and cowgirls! Besides that, I saw a couple of sheriffs and bandits which was really neat because that meant these students went above and beyond to plan something very spectacular.

The last day of Spirit Week was Friday Fandom Day so students wore all kinds of clothing to show what they were a fan of—sports teams, video games, movie, TV shows, books and more! I was amazed at some of the outfits many of the students wore! One student had a completely homemade costume I thought was really cool.

A huge shout out to all of the students who who participated, Student Council for selling tickets and coming up with this year’s themes, and most of all, to Mr. Trexler for organizing the event!