It’s just a do nothing day


Phoebe Potter

B-A students are enjoying this “nothing” weekend in the best way possible: a four-day weekend with nothing going on at school.

The fact that National Do Nothing Day lands on a Saturday this year seems to be no surprise. This un-event day was first created in 1973 by newspaperman Harold Pullman Coffin. The way to spend the day be doing nothing is simply do nothing.

Think about how hard it is to do nothing. It’s not a typical lazy day – it’s a do nothing day, which in our opinion is completely different. So to help you fill your day with nothing we decided to make a list.

  • Eat food- instead of making your own food order it!
  • Watch Netflix all day- spend the day binge watching series after series of shows.
  • Spend all day in bed- keep yourself warm all day by being cozy in bed.
  • Color- Adult coloring books are the new thing
  • Bake- make yourself cookies, brownies, etc. It’s doing nothing if you don’t share.
  • Start a journal- a place to fill random thoughts and doodles
  • Music- listen to new music or oldies that your parents listen to and dance the day away
  • Napping- spend the whole day going in and out of sleep at the end of the day you’ll feel well rested.
  • Go outside- take a drive to nowhere, go to a random café three towns over, and discover yourself.
  • Look around- that art book that’s lying on your shelf gathering dust look through it. Or find yourself coloring out of an old book or reading your mother’s 19th century poetry books.

A do nothing day is supposed to be less productive than a lazy day, but if you spend the day with no plans and no concept of time, at the end of the day you will feel a day well spent.

So take the day to have fun and relax and, as puny and cliché as it’s been, do nothing!