Hobby Month


Myranda Mamat

Reading is a favorite hobby of many people.

This month of January is National Hobby Month, dedicated to the crazy activities that you do constantly enough to call a hobby.

A hobby is defined as an activity done regularly in one’s leisure time for pleasure.

I know that seems to make a lot of sense but really what counts as a true hobby?

Another definition for hobby would be an activity (typically, for many, it is a sport) that students do outside or inside school.  But truly a hobby is something that you like to do (something other than a sport) and you do in your leisure time.

Students at Bellwood consider a hobby to be both activities (a sport or an out of school enjoyment) and they all have their reasons for appreciating their hobby.

“My favorite hobby is lifting or working out. I like hobbies that keep me active,” said senior, Jake Burch;

Others like hobbies because it keeps them determined.

“My favorite hobby is volleyball,” said Mackenzie Doyle. “I like hobbies that make you determined.”

For some it’s a combination of sports and leisure activities.

“Mine would either be reading comics or running Cross Country. I enjoy hobbies that keep me interested and that are exciting,” said junior, Haley McCloskey.

“I like to read a lot in my spare time.” said Abie Boutiller, Junior, “I do a lot of scrapbooking, reading, and jogging.”