Unsung Hero: Mr. Sachse

BA band director shines without a spotlight


Scott Sheehan

Mr. Sachse was an unsung hero when he organized PMEA District 6 band.

Often in Bellwood, the world of sports is recognized more than anything else.

The music department, which is often overlooked, has many unsung heroes working behind the scenes, or behind the curtains. Among those is high school band director Mr. Sachse.

Two-time county band festival host Mr. Patrick Sachse was given the enormous task of hosting the PMEA District 6 Band Festival here at Bellwood-Antis High School for the first time in 10 years.

When all of the responsibilities he has are tallied up, there’s no doubt that a large amount of recognition should be given to Mr. Sachse.

“I coordinated with food services to arrange 6 meals for the 150 students and 35 directors,” says Sachse. “I had to arrange hotel housing for all of the students, and organize professional development sessions for the teachers (including a webinar with a music software company). Also, I hired Dr. Carter Biggers from Penn State University to help coordinate the program, and Dr. David Glover from Slippery Rock University to lead a clinic on jazz bands.”

It’s inevitable that such a long list of accountabilities can come with some downsides, but mostly great rewards.

“The best part of this whole experience will be listening to Friday’s concert. It will be proof that the students had a great musical experience and enjoyed their time here at Bellwood-Antis,” says Mr. Sachse.

Among the faculty that feels very proud of Mr. Sachse is Bellwood-Antis High School Choral Director Ms. Beth Hull.

“Mr. Sachse is a consistent inspiration and role model for our B-A music students,” says Ms. Hull. “He hosted a fabulous PMEA District 6 Band Festival and represented Bellwood-Antis proudly. It is an absolute privilege to work with him.”

The high school students at B-A feel very honored to have Mr. Sachse as their band director, mentor, and friend.

“I think Mr. Sachse was more than capable of hosting the festival, and exceeded expectations by far,” says senior band student Revel Southwell.

Bellwood-Antis is very fortunate to have Mr. Sachse teaching in the school district. The Bellwood community is thankful for all of the hard work and dedication he gives to our music department!