Fab Freshman: Mya Decker

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Fab Freshman: Mya Decker

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You might have seen Mya Decker in the halls. That’s because she’s always on the go.  This girl is the most actively lazy person anyone can know.

As soon as she’s done at basketball practice, it’s straight to dance.  Her weeks consist of dance, school, and basketball.

She likes dance better because she says she was born with the ability.

Mya’s favorite subject is civics because she learns the most in that class, and her favorite teachers are Mrs. Nyman and Mr. McNaul.

This girl has done it all, she’s been to Riviera Maya, Mexico, and she’s even been to Central America, to visit the unfortunate people of Honduras on a mission’s trip.

Mya Decker is an open book, there is nothing that no one knows about her. When asked what she does in her free time, she replied, “What free time? Just kidding, Netflix.”

Her all-time favorite food is Shrimp Alfredo. She loves it so much that one time she almost put her friend who is allergic to shrimp, in to anaphylactic shock by getting the shrimp close to her

“Mya is always there when you need a hug” Freshman Brynne Swogger said. “she always feeds me when I go to her house” she added

Her favorite movie is Sisters, because it reminds her of her sister, Macy Decker (8th grade) and it’s very funny. Her favorite color is purple, and her animals are dogs

Mya’s favorite thing about going to Bellwood-Antis is that it’s a small town and everybody knows each other.

We asked her what she liked about being in the high school

“There is more freedom and responsibility. We are treated as adults are treated, and we are held accountable for our actions,” Mya said

“ Mya is a really good dancer, She is fun to work with” said fellow dance student Hannah Wicks

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