An personal testament to libraries

Celebrate National Library Month


Myranda Mamat

Stacks and stacks of books at the Bellwood-Antis library … that’s what National Library Month is all about.

This month of February is National Library Month, a month dedicated to those alphabetized book shelves and the ones sorted by genres. Personally I think this month should be dedicated to the library workers along with the library itself, but it is what it is.

Library’s need all the love that they can get considering most of them need money and help. I volunteer at our school library two days out of every week for two hours each day. At first it was to get hours for my Confirmation, but I still go because I love it and love helping.

Volunteering at a library is one of the easiest way to get hours for something fast. They need the help and they always welcome people to come and help.

Libraries are more than just a place to check out books. Local libraries in Bellwood, Tyrone, and Altoona all have a room or a place dedicated to the history of the town and area.

Bellwood in particular has a room dedicated to magazines for those who are doing research and also offers files of names and places found in the local newspapers.

Well known libraries may be even more of a surprise in terms of how they came to be and what they offer.

The New York Public Library was made available by private donations to build it. Samuel J. Tilden who upon his death left his fortune of about $2.4 million to establish a free library in the city of New York.

Each division of the library was donated by wealthy donors creating the name for each division. Today there are 92 locations for the NY library, including four research centers, along with libraries throughout the Bronx, Manhattan, and Staten Island.

This month take the time to read a book, an actual book that you like, not one that is for the English curriculum.  Go to your local library and check out a book, see what’s going on in town on their board, or sign up for a class there.