Read Across America Week


Edyn Convery

Dallas Huff, Emily Wagner, Ryan Boslough, Kelly Leamer, Kiara Wolfe, Paige Padula and Dionna Pearce were among the students dressed up for Dress as Your Book Favorite Character Day last year.

Makala Doyle, Staff Writer

It’s Read Across America week once again. It will take place next week, February 29 through the 24, and there will be multiple ways that students can take part to win prizes all while showing their love for reading. Each day will have its own activity for students to take part in.

“Read Across America Week has been an important time for the English department over the last several years. We want to promote reading and give kids who love reading an opportunity to express it,” head of the English department Mr. Naylor said.

Hannah Hornberger, Phoebe Potter and Meghan Claar won last year's design a book cover contest.
Edyn Convery
Hannah Hornberger, Phoebe Potter and Meghan Claar won last year’s design a book cover contest.

Starting on Tuesday, it will be design an alternative book cover contest. You can think about your favorite book and think about how YOU think that the cover should look.

Next, on Wednesday, we will have a design your own book cover t-shirt day. You can use any plain t-shirt, a marker or some paint, and create a masterpiece of your favorite book.

On Thursday, students will be able to submit a six-box cartoon summarizing their favorite book. Make it as creative as you can, and the most creative ones will win.

Finally, on Friday, students are encouraged to dress as your favorite book character. Teachers are also encouraged to participate by taking part in a decorating door contest.

This is the first time that the elementary will be participating in some of the Read Across America activities, and many are excited to take part in Read Across America week.

“It’s really exciting that Myers has teachers and students involved. We want this to be district wide,” Mr. Naylor added.

Everyone is encouraged to try and participate in as many of the activities as possible. A winner and a runner-up will be chosen and prizes will be given for the first three days.

It is a great way to have fun in school and express yourself through your favorite books! Be sure to remind yourself what each day is and show your love for reading by enjoying and taking part in Read Across America Week!