Carnival Day


Jaffa Shrine/Facebook

The Jaffa Shrine Circus is the closest Central PA gets to a carnival this time of year.

Friday is Carnival Day and for the people of Central Pennsylvania it is the time for the Jaffa Shrine to come into town.

The Circus is one of the closest things we have to a carnival, besides the festivals in Glendale and at Delgrosso’s. It’s a tradition to attend the circus every year and students here at Bellwood always uphold it.

From the massive Elephants to the dirt bike tricks the Circus offers something for everyone.

“I go every year it’s always so much fun for my family,” said eleventh grader Haley McCloskey.

Even though not everyone goes, the circus is something everyone loves.

“I love the circus. I always want to go every year but never make it,” said Abby Luensmann, eleventh grader. “I planning to go this year.”

Aside from the circus, Blair County offers festivals all through the year.

Blair County Arts Festival: a festival filled with artist, singers, musicians, and dancers all surrounded by live music and food. Including crafts market and hands-on children crafts all surrounded by the Penn State Altoona Campus.

The Festival at Lakemont: Arts and crafts vendors along with ethnic food and entertainment all around the park including the Lakemont amusement rides.

State College Arts and Craft Show: hotsed by the State College Lions Club Foundation the show is filled with the best art in area. All proceeds go to helping people with medical problems and towards student scholarships.

PennFaire: a student-driven renaissance festival including music and fun activities. The day is full of planned skits and readings from period works including other activities.

Tussey Mountain Celtic Festival: held during the summer celebrating Irish, Scottish Gaelic, and Welsh traditions. Filled with music, food, and fun!